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Dreifa Energy offers medium scale floating regas solutions to new LNG markets world wide
Market Opportunity

LNG production capacity is expected to grow by an unprecedented 50% over the coming years, keeping the energy source abundant and affordable for the foreseeable future.

Floating regasification (FSRU) is well established and offers attractive delivery schedule, but has primarily been developed to serve larger consuming markets. For new potential consumers with lower annual throughput requirements the cost has proven to be a major hurdle to project FIDs.

The Dreifa Proposal

Dreifa Energy's Floating LNG Import Terminal

Dreifa Energy aims to reduce overall cost and risks to allow more markets to get access to the clean, affordable and reliable energy source by:

  • Offering infrastructure designed to meet actual and current demand, not unknown future demand

  • Providing short contract durations with optionality to extend depending on future real demand

  • Ensuring compatibility with existing and conventional LNG supply chain

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