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Dreifa signs agreement with Citec

On June 29, Dreifa Management and Citec Norway entered into an agreement where Citec will conduct basic engineering work on Dreifa Energy’s mid-scale Floating Regasification Unit (FRU).

Citec provides multi-discipline engineering and information management services to the Energy and Power industry, and other technology-dependent industries.

Citec has for a long time seen the potential for mid-scale LNG, as there seems to be an increasing market for Regasification which is in the range of one third to a quarter of traditional FSRU solutions. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Dreifa Energy in their development of this”, says Nils-Erik Hannisdal, Managing Director for Citec Norway.

Trym Tveitnes, co-founder at Dreifa Energy adds: “We are pleased to have Citec on the team, as Citec’s profile and experience match our needs. Although we have large ambitions, we have to develop our concept carefully, and Citec supports us in this approach”.

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